Alice Kittredge
Senior Associate
Alice Kittredge Senior Associate

Alice was a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and served as their Chief Financial Officer where she was responsible for analyzing, preparing  and managing a budget of over $500,000.


Alice also participated in several internships including serving as an economist intern researching the economic benefits of HandInScan devices in hospitals. The internship at  HandInScan, a medical engineering company located  in Budapest, Hungary occurred during her semester abroad.

She also completed an internship at Cabot Creamery, a leading multinational food processing company.

Initially interning as a market  research analyst, she was responsible for organizing and analyzing complex, disparate and voluminous data. Based on her first internship, she was requested to return to perform the role of market analyst which included real options analysis to investigate and conclude on production costs and value of products to increase profit margin.

Education and Certifications

Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and Statistics with a minor in business - University of Vermont